Household & Industrial
Cleaning Products

A wide range of quality cleaning products including scourers, sponges and wire wool are produced, in both our own brand, "EasyClean" as well as several leading retail chains' private labels.

contactim easyclean

Contactim Item NoProduct DescriptionPack Size
E001E/Clean - Skeins 25g16 x (25 x 25g)
E002E/Clean - Skeins 50g100 x 50g
E007E/Clean - Skeins 100g60 x 100g
E008E/Clean - Skeins 200g25 x 200g
E010E/Clean - Skeins 500g10 x 500g
E020E/Clean - Rolls 50g50 x 50g
E022E/Clean - Rolls 100g50 x 100g
E024E/Clean - Rolls 200g25 x 200g
E026Hawkers Roll 4kg1 x 4kg
E027Hawkers Roll 15kg1 x 15kg
E029Hawkers Roll 1kg1 x 1kg
E030Hawkers Roll 2kg1 x 2Kg
E041E/Clean Wire Pots Scourer 3's50 x 3's
E043E/Clean Wire Pots Scourer 18's40 x 18's
E046E/Clean Wire Pots Scourer 36's20 x 36's
E048Wire Pots Scourer H/Duty 30g20 x 24's
E053E/Clean Brass100 x 1's
E061E/Clean Sponges 4's76 x 4's
E067E/Clean Rainbow Sponges 5's80 x 5's
E068E/Clean Non Scratch Sponges 3's5 x 20x3's
E070E/Clean Sponges 3's5 x 20x3's
E071Sponges Loose500 x 1's
E077E/Clean Green Scourer Pads 3's60 x 3's
E078E/Clean Green Scourer Pads 3's60 x 10's
E082E/Clean Cleaning Pads125 x 5's
E093E/Clean AP Cloths 2's30 x 2's
E095E/Clean Kitchen Kit1 x 25's
TBCPattern Cleaning Wipes 3's30 x 3's
TBCSparkling PVC Bright col Pads Asst Col 3's50 x 3's
TBC3 Colour PVC Pad50 x 1's
TBCSoft Wipe Pads Pink/Blue 2's50 x 2's