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balls angled

All PVC soccer balls can be printed to carry company logos, advertising messages or approved designs.

PVC Balls

Contactim Item NoDescriptionSizePack Size
PB009 PVC Ball – Black on Colour200mm1 x 12's
PB010PVC Ball – Black on White200mm1 x 12's

contactim enema syringes

Pharmex Enema Syringe

Contactim Item NoDescriptionSizePack Size
PX002Pharmex Syringes - No. 2 (75ml)75ml20 x 5's
PX003Pharmex Syringes - No. 3 (95ml)95ml20 x 5's
PX004Pharmex Syringes - No. 4 (110ml)110ml20 x 5's
PX005Pharmex Syringes - No. 5 (140ml)140ml20 x 5's
PX006Pharmex Syringes - No. 6 (165ml)165ml20 x 5's
PX007Pharmex Syringes - No. 7 (220ml)220ml20 x 5's
PX008Pharmex Syringes - No. 8 (280ml)280ml20 x 5's
PX010Pharmex Syringes - No. 10 (400ml)400ml10 x 5's
PX012Pharmex Syringes - No. 12 (450ml)450ml10 x 5's